The Skirmish in Knowhere was an event caused by Drax the Destroyer during the Quest for the Orb. Taking place on Knowhere, the event was triggered when Drax, having travelled to Knowhere with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to give the Orb to Taneleer Tivan, sent out a message to Ronan the Accuser in order to draw out and kill the Kree.


The Guardians of the Galaxy travelled to Knowhere following their escape from the Kyln, in order to bring the Orb to the Collector.

While waiting for him to fetch them, the Guardians visited the Boot of Jemiah where Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer both became drunk. Rocket and Drax started a brief fight that was broken up by Star-Lord and Gamora, but it caused Drax to storm out.

The Collector sent his servant Carina to bring them to him. Drax, now alone, saw a communications hub and used it to dial the Kree Ronan the Accuser, who was also seeking the Orb and who had also killed Drax's wife and daughter years prior.