Power Stone

The Power Stone is one of the six Infinity Stones, the remnant of a singularity that predates the universe. The Power Stone is a powerful weapon capable of granting a person great, cosmic power, but is highly likely to kill any organic beings that touch it.

It was used by Eson the Searcher until it was forgotten for millenia in the planet Morag inside the Orb. The Orb containing the Power Stone was coveted by Thanos, who employed the Kree warrior Ronan the Accuser to bring it to him.

However, before Ronan obtained the Orb, it was stolen by Star-Lord on Morag, prompting a galaxy-wide hunt that resulted in the Orb being given to the Nova Corps for safe-keeping. Thanos later retrieves the Power Stone from Xandar and inserts it into his Infinity Gauntlet.

Stone Color: Purple

Original Containment Unit: Orb


The Power Stone was used by the Celestial being Eson the Searcher to destroy planets and civilisations until it was forgotten inside the Orb for millenia.

It was later in possession of a group of Cosmic Beings who attempted to harness the power of the Stone by sharing its power between them, achieved this by linking themselves together. The effects were short-lived as the energy of the stone disintegrated all nine beings after a few moments.

Eventually, the Orb, and the stone inside it were hidden on the planet Morag, storing it in a secret tomb that was hidden beneath the planet's vast ocean. The ocean would recede every 300 years, making the tomb accessible.


  • Cosmic Entities
  • Eson the Searcher
  • Cosmic Beings
  • Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
  • Ronan the Accuser (2014)
  • Nova Corps (2014-2018)
  • Thanos (2018)