Titan Planet

Titan is the desolated home world of Thanos.


Home to an eponymous race of beings, Titan was once a rich, lush world. However, it was plagued by overpopulation which caused a drain on its resources and sent the Titan race hurtling towards a societal cataclysm. The outcast Thanos proposed randomly killing half the planet's population as a way to preserve their finite resources but his plan was rejected as too extreme, and Thanos was deemed a madman.

The predicted catastrophe then hit Titan, causing the mass extinction of most of the planet's lifeforms, with Thanos being the only survivor. The once green and blue world turned burnt orange and brown as the upper atmosphere was ravaged by electrical storms with the broken remains of Titan society littering its surface. Even its moon was not spared, taking on a similar appearance.

Convinced that his plans could have saved his homeworld, Thanos became dedicated to wiping out half the life in the universe so as to spare other planets from sharing the fate of his own people.