Ultra Project

The Ultra Project was a project spearheaded by Church of Gibborim leader Leslie Dean, which consisted in identifying suitable victims to be sacrificed during the Rite of Blood in order to revive Jonah.


In order to ensure his immortality once his powers and youth withered, Jonah needed to remain in bed in a decrepit condition, waiting for life energy to be transmitted into his organism thanks to the Dematerialization Box. To that end, the leader of the Church of Gibborim Leslie Dean tasked her church members to look for runaways and marginalized people in the streets of Los Angeles.

These people would then be welcomed into the church. By filling a form, they would be assessed so that Dean could select one of them to be a victim of a sacrifice ceremony known as the Rite of Blood.

Every year, a young church member was approached by Dean over the pretense of becoming a high-ranking member with the rank of Ultra. Unaware of the fate which befell them, the victim was prepared and taken into a secret underground room located beneath the Wilder Mansion. Then, the victim was forced to drink an incapacitating beverage and was put into the Dematerialization Box. Once the Box was activated, the body of the victim was converted into pure energy which flew through Jonah's organism, progressively restoring him.

Brooks Watten was the first person to be tricked into believing he would become Ultra. Over the years, more than a dozen of other young runaways were sacrificed. However, the Ultra Project briefly underwent a major issue as the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, which was witnessed by the Runaways, did not work, resulting in her murder by Victor Stein to cover his mistakes while working on the Dematerialization Box. In the end, the members of PRIDE sacrificed the young Andre Compton captured by Geoffrey Wilder, who was the last sacrifice necessary to successfully revive Jonah.

Prior to his abduction by the Crips, Alex Wilder decrypted a file related to the Ultra Project retrieved by Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes on Leslie's computer. The file appeared to be the list of all the victims of PRIDE's rituals, further convincing Wilder and Nico Minoru that their parents were criminals.